Company History

DUCO Drilling Supply was founded in 2006, by Mr. Marc Ducharme. President of DUCO, he has over 45 years of experience in the mining industry in national and international markets.

His field expertise and drilling knowledge is appreciated worldwide when it comes to assisting in all kinds of projects.

Since its incorporation, DUCO has experienced a strong growth and has enlarged their access to market, both nationally and internationally. As known exporters by Transport Canada, it is in more than 100 countries that DUCO products are being used to drill.

Primarily focused in the drilling exploration market, DUCO has built value added services for RC and Core Drilling markets. His two sons, Alex and Simon, have been following his footsteps for the past decade and will ensure the future of DUCO.

Over the years, DUCO has built a strong reputation, and enlarged their product offering and services to all continents, thanks to a solid and dynamic team that is in place for future generations to come.

Marc Ducharme – President


Provide a complete, centralized, global service from procurement to integration and logistics for the mining industry. The quality of our products at competitive pricing supported by world class service, make DUCO a reliable supplier.


We aim to simplify start up, coordination and maintenance of drilling projects in the complete satisfaction of our clientele. Your procurement and logistics projects will be carried out with confidence, in the agreed timelines.


Rigorous work